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Training provider launches new executive brand

Posted on: 24/07/2015


A leading training provider has today announced the launch of Silverback, a new arm of the company which is focussed on senior leadership training, organisational strategy development and helping companies harness talent.

Established almost 50 years ago, Training 2000 has built a solid reputation for quality training, including Apprenticeships, training partner services and executive training programmes. 

The company has established 11 centres across the North West and manages large blue-chip training contracts in London, Derby and internationally, with a staff of almost 300 people across the UK.  

Following on from this success, it was decided that the leadership and management side really had its own unique target clients and style. To further develop this side of the business we decided to create a new brand that would appeal to these large organisations and really clarify our key services.

By introducing a new brand with a modern and high quality ethos, we can reconnect with our existing customers as well as inspire new ones

Neil Gutteridge, Silverback Director

Training 2000 has unveiled Silverback with a brand new website and handpicked team. The new business comprises of Director Neil Gutteridge, a team of dedicated training professionals with proven track records, a newly formed marketing and communications department and a Business Development team strengthened by two new Business Development Managers with over 21 years of experience in organisational innovation and management.

The company worked with a young Manchester-based digital agency to craft a website that was clean and contemporary and dates for launch events across the UK will soon be revealed.


Neil concludes “Silverback will facilitate strategic change by aligning business performance strategy with individualised training. The new launch is the first we have done since the sixties. 

“By diversifying our offering and using one brand to work with organisations in partnership and are committed to achieving agility and growth, we are building on our history and experience, not losing it.”