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Engage & Empower Millennials in Your Workplace

Posted on: 21/03/2016


"How can we do more to engage the millennials of our workplace?"

This was the thought that Sprung to mind as I sat on the front row, beaming from ear to ear as I watched the ‘Millennial’ talent of my company capture the hearts of the auditorium with their passionate and hilarious presentation.

Clinging with all my might to the fact I just about fit into this category I offer some insight into this much discussed topic - summarising the drivers of a millennial is a good place to start:


Eagerness to impress and succeed

Thirst for recognition

Desire to share and work with others

Loyal to values and principles

Prefer to learn through experience

Health and well being is an integral part of their lives


I see the concept of ‘millennial’s’ as a mind-set shift not an age range - who is that chap Maslow? I’m certain his study from the 1940’s covers all of these in a fashion – it’s our environment and circumstance that have changed, this simply makes it easier for millennials to voice their expectations.


Get them involved!

So what can we do about it? First and foremost, it’s vital to understand what you want from them – what is the raw skill you can use to improve your business performance and engage them at the same time? We all know how technology causes us pain at work, let alone all the terrifying stuff in the news about cyber attacks! I say get your millennials involved! Run a reverse mentor program. Let them help make your business ‘cyber secure’ giving them the opportunity to share and impress and for the baby boomers to impart their knowledge in return.  I taught my mum to use Facebook, she taught me to handle embarrassment, oh and that she has more friends. We bond, we laugh, I cringe and she doesn’t grumble when I’m talking AND texting, I stop and listen – we get each other now.