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Harnessing Talent

Talent is good, practice is better, passion is best.

Attracting talent, talent management and talent retention are things that cannot be underestimated in driving forward business success.

People make or break a business. To aspire to grow, organisations must plan for people management, harnessing talent and managing performance. You need to have excellent people, in the right positions.

It not just about training, having a reputation as a great employer means you will attract talented individuals. If you attract the right people, you need to be so inspirational that they want to succeed, then retain them through a thorough training matrix and succession planning.

Investing in employees’ development should be part of your organisational DNA. If getting the best from your staff is part of your company ethos, you will foster an environment of trust and loyalty.

We will be there from the start, with recruitment assessment days designed to help you choose the perfect candidate, co-created leadership development training courses, performance training plans and company-wide strategic planning.

In times of change it's also important for individual and business growth that your employees can respond to the challenges of their individual roles, maintain a sense of wellbeing and sustain a high level of work performance under pressure. We can incorporate resilience training into all of our bespoke solutions to help those in your organisation rise to the challenge of the job.

What’s the benefit? A happy, emotionally resilient team with great development prospects creates cohesion which in turn boosts productivity and reduces absenteeism, with employees willing to go that extra mile. 

“Silverback took time to understand our culture and values and support in facilitation of key senior management meetings to ensure our strategic approach was clear and concise.”

Rita Evans Assistant Director of Organisational Development and Learning, NHS Stockport