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Organisational Development

When you have the pressure of day to day activities it is often difficult to step back and look at strategic vision and cultural needs to ensure you are future-proof. Our team bring a wealth of expertise to support your change programme. We will work to truly understand your requirements, only then will we design and implement our co-created solutions.

So how will we help you manage change? We will generate agile development training based on your future business needs, aligning all areas through high-level behavioural training programmes.We offer organisations a fresh pair of eyes approach to bring a new perspective to any organisational skill and competency gaps you may have. 

On a more individual basis, we can implement integrated performance management strategies and work with your most talented employees to assess their needs for training and development, creating a leadership pipeline through executive training courses, leadership development programmes and succession planning.


Training Partner

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Harnessing Talent

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“Silverback have demonstrated that they are a professional organisation with extensive experience of training, particularly supporting re-organisation, training programmes, resource management and service provider to a wide range of training programmes.”

Transport Sector Head of Learning and Development,