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Executive Leadership

The most powerful leadership tool you have is your own personal example.

Leadership and organisational performance go hand in hand; transforming leadership is about aligning people’s needs and the business aims.  It’s not just about creating business strategies, leadership and management development is a critical capability to ensure you are prepared for the future and successful implementation of growth.

What is executive development? Leadership and management has moved away from the idea of the leader as an authoritative figure, now it is about training leaders and managers who can enable others to achieve, via enhancing their leadership qualities and adaptability rather than focussing on managerial processes.

We work closely with businesses to provide tailored leadership development plans crafted to achieve real business outcomes. We undertake a leadership evaluation and assessment, before initiating a programme for leadership development to build high performance teams.

Some people lean more naturally to leadership than others, but we can help your leaders become the type of person others want to follow. We can mentor individuals on a one-to-one basis, developing effective leadership skills through executive leadership and management coaching for an increasingly complex and dynamic world.

Please get in touch for a scoping and advice discussion which will help us to identify your needs.

“Silverback took time to understand our culture and values and support in facilitation of key senior management meetings to ensure our strategic approach was clear and concise.”

Rita Evans Assistant Director of Organisational Development and Learning, NHS Stockport