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Cannon Hygiene

Cannon Hygiene needed a partner to develop and deliver a programme to our frontline teams with face-to-face customer relationships as part of a wider skills and behavioural training programme for our 350 staff. A bespoke designed programme is now being rolled out across our organisation. Silverback have really sought to understand our organisation and culture in both programme design and delivery. During this year Silverback will deliver a customer care workshop to over 80% of our community.

Adrian Hodgson, HR Director, Cannon Hygiene


Part of the larger OCS Group, Cannon Hygiene is a 5th generation family business founded in 1955 and is now recognised in 40 countries world-wide. As one of the largest washroom services in the world with over 26,000 staff across the OCS Group, it is imperative for the organisation to remain competitive in an ever-changing and fast paced environment. 

Cannon Hygiene were reviewing their customer management in line with increased competition in the market place. ‘Putting you first’ was a strong part of the brand and they wanted a differentiator for customers to choose and stay with Cannon as a main provider.

Due to the nature of the work they undertake it was found that the Hygiene Technicians were not engaging with customers on their service schedule, meaning that relationships were not being built and the ability to swap to another supplier was easy for the customer as there was not a customer service support angle to their offer.

Cannon Hygiene wanted a shift change in the organisation that started with the job titles moving to ‘customer service technician’ and for these staff members to take accountability for their portfolio of clients.


Following detailed conversations with Adrian Hodgson, HR Director at Cannon Hygiene, we developed a customer service programme for all technicians to highlight their responsibilities, train them in customer service techniques and develop skills in managing customer’s needs.


The training programme was successfully delivered across multiple sites to 350 staff across the organisation which highlighted the responsibilities of the technicians to engage with the customers. The programme received 97% positive feedback scores and will be refreshed for new starters as part of their induction.